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Shelby2016 · (505)780-9073 · Milwaukee Escort

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I am a Mature, Kinky, Vivacious, Redheaded xxxxx " Nympho
xxxxx A female that is as attractive, sociable and witty as she is intelligent)

As A Tutor I have Outstanding References! AND As a Companion, I have Awesome Reviews!

I'd love to show you the Attention You Desire!

I walk into the house, shedding my long coat to reveal a not so long
dress. In fact, the hem stops right where my legs begin, and the material
itself clings to my curves the silky fabric exposing perky nipples and
the full form of my ass. I'm home early. I'm hungry AND xxxxx

That's the beginning of one of my Erotic Stories. How would YOU finish

Hi! I'm Shelby2016 and I've been told I'm a very Sexy MILF at age 46. I am
currently in the Prime of my Life! I have 20 yrs. of Pent Up Fantasies I
have been just waiting to explore!! I have way too much time on my hands,
and not enough to do! So how do you feel about helping me preoccupy
myself? We could act out my story OR yours...What do you most imagine??
I'd love to hear it!

I'm looking to meet gentlemen friends who won't be afraid to show me their
Kinky Side, while I discover My Inner Freak. I love to write Erotic
Stories, Send Naughty
Pictures and just be ME, honest and understanding to it all.

While at the same time I could be brightening your day, week, month in
so many ways!!

Have you ever wished you could find a woman who could just let go of her

Do you want someone to Rock your World, while your Rock Theirs?

It's that Season of My Life and I Plan to Enjoy it for All it's Worth!

Do you like to Talk, Role Play, Watch Porn? Go to Strip clubs? Ever
wanted someone you felt was Compatible in Body AND mind?

I Completely Understand!

I can be the woman of your dreams, and you just be you, so you'll be the
man of mine!

Well, what are you waiting for? You work hard, why not Treat Yourself?

I"'m Extremely Ready! Very Much Willing
Remarkably Capable of Blowing your mind! "(Quote Shelby2016)"

Ask About My****"Special Photos"****Naughty & Nice

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